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Bath at interaction Biotechnology

Bath at interaction

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The Reciprocating Water Baths deliver precise temperature control and a smooth, reciprocal shaking motion. The independent over-temperature safety offers backup protection should the main controller fail. Easy-to-read LED’s display temperature and oscillation speed. An independent oscillator control allows the bath to also be used for regular constant temperature water bath applications.
The stroke length can be easily adjusted to three separate settings. This allows for various agitation speeds, ranging from mild to vigorous. The unique basket support system helps eliminate tank wear while fully supporting free action of a heavily loaded basket.


  • Microprocessor Controls
  • Independent Oscillation and Temperature Controls
  • Adjustable Stroke Length for Robust or Mild Agitation Capabilities




A universal platform tray is included with each water bath.
The tray eliminates “hot spots” and ensures optimum temperature uniformity.




*-2 indicates 220V.

Number of flasks each model can accommodate

* Optional Erlenmeyer flask holders. Order separately.

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