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Digital burette Biotechnology

Digital burette

Product Code:Digitrate Pro

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Availability: Starts October 1st 2003
The new streamlined Digitrate Pro™ digital burette and electronic dispenser delivers accurate, precise and convenient bottle-top titration.

The Digitrate Pro’s head can be conveniently rotated 360° for operator safety and comfort, whilst the new see-through barrel ensures bubble-free titration. When left unattended, Digitrate Pro™ will automatically switch off without losing the previous titrated volume.The Digitrate Pro™ does not drip when in static mode


  • Accuracy of greater than or equal to 0.2%, Precision greater than or equal to 0.1% Resolution 0.01ml
  • Continuous display of volume dispensed with zero reset feature for multiple titrations
  • Simple user calibration and factory reset for ISO 9000 & GLP requirements
  • Visible borosilicate glass barrel protected with a transparent polypropylene sleeve allows inspection of liquid before dispensing
  • Safe anti-tip amber glass reservoirs with side filler neck
  • Chemically resistant and autoclavable liquid pathway
  • Bubble free dispensing


Optimum operator safety
A new safety pedestal valve allows the Digitrate Pro™ fluid path to be turned off manually to prevent accidental delivery. Its right-angled spout is also designed to enhance safety in use. Digitrate’s robust, chemically resistant outer casing does not move during the priming or dispensing sequences whilst its PTFE plunger and borosilicate glass barrel allows dispensing of aqueous solutions and some aggressive liquids.


Digitrate Pro™ is powered by a 1.5A lithium battery giving a minimum life of 60,000 three-minute titrations. Automatic low battery voltage is indicated on the large easy-to-read LCD window.


Sterilisation / autoclaving
Digitrate’s liquid-path parts are easily disassembled for sterilisation or autoclaving at 121°C 2 Mbar.


Quality (BS5750 / ISO9002)
Each Digitrate Pro™ is manufactured to an accredited quality system; BS5750 (BS EN ISO 9002). A calibration certificate complete with the unit’s serial number is supplied with each unit. Digitrates are CE marked.






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