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Animal Guillotine Biotechnology

Animal Guillotine

Product Code:701/702/703

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Remarks A swift downward thrust of the handle dispatches rats, mice and other experimental subjects quickly and without trauma.
  • The entire unit is completely washable. No need to disassemble.
  • Stainless steel blades are honed to retain their sharpness over extended use.
  • Sturdy metal base can be bench mounted and the handle can be reversed for either left or right handed operation.
  • Also ideal for sectioning plastic tubing.
Options Other size models available upon request.


NE701-0000 Small animal guillotine model 701
Stainless steel blade cutting edge of 2 inches along four edges
NE702-0000 Medium animal guillotine
Stainless steel blade cutting edge of 6 inches along four edges
NE703-0000 Large animal guillotine
Stainless steel blade cutting edge of 12 inches along four edges


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