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Product Code:Moisture match

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A next generation moisture tester incorporating new and unique technology. Finally, a portable tester that will more accurately match and track with the commercial elevator testers. Designed for the futurewith computer interface and update capability.

Moisture match technology
The MoistureMatch is the first and only moisture tester to be programmed with grain scales that have been derived from laboratory test comparisions with the leading commercial testers used by grain elevators in North America. The user can select from one of five options: Motomco 919, Motomco 919E, DICKEY-john GAC 2000 or Labtronic (Canada) or Industry Standard. The accepted industry practice is for farmers to sell their grain priced according to moisture readings by their local elevator. Unfortunately, the grain elevator's commercial tester measurements may not be the same as absolute moisture. So the test equipment that the grain elevator uses becomes the standard, instead of the absolute moisture.

The MoistureMatch also features the unique capability to make fine-tuning adjustments to the calibration curves of each of the Commercial Tester or Industry Standard options. Calibration adjustments to other grain testers can only be made by adding or subtracting a fixed offset to entire calibration curve. Adjustments to low moisture can throw off calibration ot high moisture and visa versa. Calibration adjustments to the MoistureMatch only impact the moisture curve immediately surrounding the specific moisture that is being adjusted. The rest of the curve is not affected. Adjustments can be made independently to high and low moistures and can be made to multiple individual moisture points over the entire moisture range. This unique technology truly allows the user to "match" his grain elevator's specific commercial tester more precisely.


Compaction sensor technology™
The MoistureMatch controls the testing variable of grain density by compacting the grain sample in the test cell with its pressure cap. This reduces the air spaces between kernals and makes the sample and test cell conditions more uniform from test to test. The MoistureMatch is the first and only moisture tester with CST, which senses the optimum compaction for each grain sample and automatically adjusts to take its moisture reading at the optimum pressure. A highly sensitive electronic load cell that is built into the test cell measures the compaction of the grain. There is no "test" button. The MoistureMatch automatically determines when to take its reading as the caps is screwed on.


  • Large Graphic LCD shows multiple readouts and on-line instructions. Backlit for night use.
  • Averaging Capability displays last six test results and running average of tests.
  • Individual results can be deleted.
  • Compaction Sensor Technology displays moisture automatically when optimum grain compaction threshold is reached.
  • Optimal Test Cell Geometry for more accurate & repetitive results.
  • Larger Test Cell for more representative sample.
  • EZ-Fill Grain Scoop. Makes filling test cell quick & clean.
  • Stores inside test cell between uses.
  • Molded Hand Grip For safe & comfortable operation.
  • Shoulder Safety Strap included with tester leaves both hands free for climbing up combine or grain bin.
  • Optional Carrying Case (P/N 20101) provides extra protection. Tester can be operated with case on.
  • MoitureMatch Techonology.
  • User selects from one of five options:
    • Motomco 919
    • Motomco 919E
    • DICKEY-john GAC 2000
    • Labtronic (Canada)
    • Industry Standard
  • Graphic Calibration Adjustment™ allows user to fine-tune calibration to "match" a specific commercial tester.
  • Calibration adjustments shown on graphic display.
  • EZ-On Cap.
  • Heavier Threads with steeper pitch for faster and trouble-free testing.
  • Double-threaded start.
  • Computer Interface for updating moisture scales and software upgrades.
  • RS 232 serial port.
  • Uses standard computer serial cable (not included).


Direct read out for the 20 most popular grains
  • Barley (2)
  • Canola
  • Corn
  • Flax
  • Oats
  • Peanuts
  • Rice (3)
  • Rye
  • Sorghum
  • Soybean
  • Sunflower (2)
  • Wheat (5)


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