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Micro hematocrit centrifuge Biotechnology

Micro hematocrit centrifuge

Product Code:UNC-30MH

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Model UNC-030-MH is made of formed metal and has a baked paint application that is acid and reagent resistant. A safety switch built into the handle assembly disconnects the power to the motor whenever the latch is lifted. The hematocrit tray is made of plastic composite material backed by an aluminum shell for durability and lighter weight. The brushed motor is mounted on rubber mounts to provide quieter running and less vibration.

  • Twenty-four (24) place rotor with replaceable rubber ring and scren down metal lib.
  • Nominal speed is 12.000 RPM
  • Dependable mechanical 15-minute timer with bell signal at end of run
  • Air-cooled, brush type AC motor
  • All metal housing for years  of dependable use
  • Safety switch in latch shuts off motor when lib is lifted
  • Electric motor braking
  • Indicator light tells when is in use



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