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Multiple configuration ANY-box system Biotechnology

Multiple configuration ANY-box system

Product Code:for the analysis of the behavior of mice

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ANY-box is a multi-configuration behaviour apparatus designed to automate a range of standard behavioural tests.

What sets ANY-box apart is its ability to use the same basic components in many different tests, thus creating a flexible and extremely affordable solution. For example, if you are using your ANY-box as an open field but want to test animals in the light/dark box, you need only swap out the low-cost inserts.

The available test include:
  • ANY-box core and base
  • Open field insert
  • Light/dark box insert
  • Conditioned place preference box insert
  • Novel object recognition test insert
  • Hole-board test insert
  • ANY-box prices


ANY-box core and base
All ANY-box systems are based on a core consisting of the ANY-maze software and an ANY-maze interface. The actual apparatus sits on an ANY-box base (pictured below), which includes a camera, to track the animals, and a height adjustable, infrared photo-beam array, to detect rearing behaviour. A single core can connect to as many as eight bases and each base can be used to automate any of the ANY-box behavioural tests.
  • A single ANY-box core can automate up to eight apparatus.
  • Different behavioural tests require different inserts.
  • All inserts use the same base (shown).
  • The base is slotted, so inserts fit solidly but lift off for easy cleaning.
  • The base includes a camera, for tracking and a photo-beam array, for automatic detection of rearing.


Open-field insert

The ANY-box open field insert (priced at just $295) is all that's required to turn an ANY-box base into a fully automated open-field test. This not only includes tracking of the animal but also automates the detection of rearing behaviour.

  • The ANY-box open field insert is available in clear or black Perspex.
  • The black Perspex version is infrared transparent allowing photo-beams to pass through it, so rearing is still detected.
  • Dimension: 40cm x 40cm x 35cm (w, d, h).


Light/dark box insert
The ANY-box light/dark box consists of a transparent Perspex 'light' side and a black Perspex 'dark' side. The black Perspex is infrared transparent allowing the ANY-box camera to track the animal in both the light and dark sides of the box.
  • Uses black infrared transparent Perspex for the dark side.
  • Animal can be tracked in both sides (requires an infra-red illuminator).
  • Rearing can be detected in the both light and dark sides.
  • Dimension: 40cm x 40cm x 35cm (w, d, h).


Conditioned place preference box insert
The ANY-box conditioned place preference box consists of two 18cm x 20cm chambers connected by a side passage; this design ensures the animal is always visible to the camera. The apparatus is made from black, infrared transparent Perspex allowing rearing to be detected throughout the box. The apparatus is supplied with white adhesive labels which can be used to differentiate the two chambers, for example, one could be made stripy, while the other remains black.
  • Made from black infrared transparent Perspex.
  • Rearing can be detected throughout the apparatus.
  • Adhesive labels allow the experimenter to choose how the chambers differ.
  • Labels use washable, industrial strength adhesive.
  • Overall dimension: 40cm x 40cm x 35cm (w, d, h).


Novel object recognition test insert
The ANY-box novel object recognition test consists of a transparent Perspex chamber and a number of different shaped and coloured objects.
  • Made from transparent Perspex.
  • Rearing can be detected throughout the apparatus.
  • Supplied with 'novel' objects.
  • Dimension: 40cm x 40cm x 35cm (w, d, h).


Hole-board test insert
The ANY-box hole board test consists of a raised base with 16 holes in it, fitted snugly inside a transparent Perspex chamber. Using the ANY-box infrared photo-beams, nose pokes through the holes can be automatically detected and, as the system is simultaneously tracking the animal, pokes into specific holes can easily be determined.
  • 16 holes arranged in a 4 x 4 grid.
  • Holes have a 3cm diameter.
  • Hole board is raised 10cm above the floor.
  • Automated detection of pokes into specific holes (or groups of holes).
  • Using an additional insert (supplied) holes can be baited.
  • Dimension: 40cm x 40cm x 35cm (w, d, h).


Ordering information
Cat. No. Description
60005 ANY-box core - ANY-maze software* + ANY-maze interface
65101 ANY-box base - Metal base + camera + photobeam array
60111 Open field insert (Transparent Perspex)
60122 Open field insert (Black IR transparent Perspex)
63100 Light/dark box insert
64100 Conditioned place preference box insert
62020 Novel object recognition test insert (includes object)
62025 Hole-board test insert (includes hole baiting insert)



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