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Skin conductance level Biotechnology

Skin conductance level

Product Code:2701

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The model 2701 BioDerm(R) Skin Conductance meter is a stand-alone instrument which safely and accurately measures Skin Conductance Level (SCL) and Skin Conductance Response (SCR). Skin conductance is measured using the constant voltage (0.5 volts) method originally proposed by Lykken and Venables. Built-in calibration capability provides rapid and instantaneous check-out of the 2701 as well as calibration of data collection equipment.


Excitation 0.5 Volts -- constant voltage
SCL Range 0-100 uMho
SCL Display LCD with 0-100.0 uMho range
SCL Output (D.C.) 50 mV / uMho
SCR Output (A.C.) delta 0.1 uMho = delta 0.5 Volts, or delta 0.1 uMho = delta 5.0 Volts (size is switch selectable)
Output Connectors BNC
SCR Time Constant 3 Seconds
Calibration 10 to 100 uMho in 10 uMho steps, delta 0.1 and 1.0 uMho switches
Electrodes 1081FG contoured Ag-AgCl electrode pair (must be filled with UFI 1090 BioGel contact medium or something similar)
Power supply 9V battery
Plastic case size 2.5" x 5" x 7"
Weight 1 lb.





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