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Baking color meter Biotechnology

Baking color meter

Product Code:BC-10

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  • The BC-10 colorimeter monitors and controls the color of foods and ingredients cooked, fried, smoked or processed in various environments in order to ensure color consistency
  • It is the ideal solution for companies operating in various places associated packers and restaurant chains that seek to improve the consistency, quality and appearance of their products
  • Besides crust color, the BC-10 colorimeter measures color in most bakery and light meals, yeast, sugar, calcium propionate, and flour mixes
  • The BC-10 is very easy to use, lightweight and compact - It runs on batteries and displays measurements in units BCU Baking Contrast Units, standard measurement scale used in bakery, or CIE L * a * b *


Geometry lighting / under 8 °: di (8 ° illumination angle / diffuse viewing, specular component included (SCI))
Sensors 6 silicon photocells (3 for measurement, 3 to control illumination) filtered to detect primary color values ​​(red, green, blue)
Light source Special halogen lamp for D65
Area measurement Ø 8 mm
Display Modes 0.01 to 525 BCU (Baking Contrast Units); CIE L * a * b *
Condition of the observer ICE: 10 ° Standard Observer
Illuminant conditions ICE: standard illuminant D65
Statistics Minimum, maximum and average maximum of 16 measures
Repeatability .DELTA.E * Ab 0.1 (standard deviation)
  Measurement conditions: mean of the measurements of a standard white calibration base
Minimum measurement interval Approx. 1s
Supply 4 AA batteries or AC adapter AC-A308 Optional
Battery life Alkaline / manganese: approx. 2000 measurements every 10 seconds
Ni-Cd batteries: approx. 600 measurements every 10 seconds
Operating Conditions Temperature: 0-40 ° C
Humidity: less than or equal to 85% (at 35 ° C) without condensation
Weight / Dimensions (W x H x D) 360 g without batteries; 59 x 158 x 85 mm
Standard Accessories Soft Case CR-A68; protective cap with white plate CR-A72; CR-A73 strap; 4 AA batteries
Optional accessories Printer Cable CR-A75 thermal printer DPU-H245HS Adapter AC-A308


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