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Tubes Cryovial® silicone washer and internal thread Biotechnology

Tubes Cryovial® silicone washer and internal thread

Product Code:T311

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These tubes are designed to store the biological material of human or animal cells, at temperatures up to -196 ° C. They should be used only in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen. A silicone washer between the cap and the tube ensures a tight seal at all temperatures. A tour 1¼ is sufficient to screw the cap to the tube. They are all made of polypropylene with the same coefficient of expansion, which also guarantees a sealed assured at room temperature and at low cryogéniques.La inner lip of the cap temperatures provides a seal for the CRYOVIAL®, even at very low temperatures.

The tubes have a white stripe registration, may be encoded using an identification tag Capinsert ™ (T312 Series) and are compatible with most storage systems. Only the blunt cap can be centrifuged, until 14,000g. . The tubes were sterilized by gamma radiation and are packaged in a single protected sealed bag, reclosable bags in 100.


Quick info
  • Temperature Range: As low as -196 ° C
  • Volume: 1.2 to 5ml
  • Diameter: 12.5 mm
  • Height: 41 to 90mm
  • Certified DNase, RNase, Pyrogen and without DNA




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