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High performance disperser Biotechnology

High performance disperser

Product Code:Ultra-Turrax T50 Basic

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High-performance dispersing instrument for a wide variety. Perfect variety of applications provided by 3 types of shaft bearings, 12 rotor-stator generator variants, a special dispersing tool for processing acids and a free agitator shaft (R 50) with which the T 50 may be used as a "high speed stirrer".

The drive, which is designed for continuous operation, has an infinitely variable speed control. An output of 700 watts and an integrated control ensures constant speed even with changes in viscosity - an important requirement for reproducible operations. Delivery comprises T 50 basic drive and extension arm. Possible sterlization methods are possible (depending on dispersion tool)


Analog Output no
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Max. Ambient Temperature 40 °C
Max. Speed 10000 1/min
Max. Working Volume 30 L
Min. Ambient Temperature 5 °C
Min. Batch Volume .25 L
Motor Power Input 1100 W
Motor Power Output 700 W
Noise 72 (dB(A))
Overload Protection yes
Permissible Humidity 80 %
Process Type batch
Protection Class DIN 40050IP 21
Speed Display scale
Speed Range Max. Speed 10000 1/min
Min. Speed 4000 1/min
Speed Variation Under Changing Load 1 %
Weight 6 kg
Operating range 0.25-30 liters
Speed range infinitely variable from 4000 - 10000rpm
Motor rating input/output 1100/700 W




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