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disperser T65D Biotechnology

disperser T65D

Product Code:Ultra-Turrax®

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The high-performance T65D dispersing has been designed for typical college quantities (2.6 - 13.2 gallons). The T65D has a powerful three-phase motor. With the T65 drive, the two types of shaft seals and three rotor-stator configurations, it is possible to perform most dispersing and homogenizing task. Depending on the initial grain size and the desired aim of processing and/or ultimate fineness, it may be advisable to use two dispersing elements in succession. The plugged-in elements make processing considerably easier.


Analog Output No
Dispersing Tools No
Frequency 50 Hz
Max. Ambient Temperature 40°C
Max. Batch Volume 50 L
Max. Speed 7200 1/min
Max. Working Volume 50 L
Min. Ambient Temperature 5°C
Min. Batch Volume 2 L
Motor Power Input 1800 W
Motor Power Output 1500 W
Noise 75 (dB(A))
Over All Dimensions Without Bracket 7.09 x 16.53 x 20.87 in. (W x D x H)
Overload Protection Yes
Permissible Humidity 80%
Process Type batch
Protection Class DIN 40050 IP 54
Regulation Of Speed fixed
Speed Display No
Speed Range I: Min. Speed 7200 1/min
Speed Variation Under Changing Load 5%
Voltage 3 x 400V
Weight 28 kg
Stirring Quantity (H2O) 2000 to 50,000 ml




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