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EASYpure II Biotechnology


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EASYpure II is designed for those scientists requiring less than 15 liters per day of ultrapure waterfor their most demanding applications and provides an affordable and convenient alternative to costly bottled water. With the six application specific models, you can choose the perfect system for your critical analytical, biological, or life science needs. Water produced by the EASYpure II is dispensed directly from the system, eliminating potential crosscontamination that may occur with the use of large containers of bottled water.


  • Compact design gives you an ultrapure water source within easy reach. Microprocessor-controlled purity monitor provides digital resistivity readings, temperature compensated to 25°C.
  • A standby mode recirculates the purified water for 10 minutes every hour of inactivity. Water remains clean and free from recontamination and ready to use when you need it!
  • All components are constructed of inert materials ensuring maximum ionic and organic purity.
  • All units, except the EASYpure II RF and RF/UV, come complete with a standard wall bracket for more flexibility in choosing a location.
  • Feed water must be pretreated by reverse osmosis, distillation or deionization.
  • Each system produces water that exceeds all ASTM, NCCLS and CAP Type I water standards.
  • Three cartridges in series provides increased capacity over similar systems.
  • A 0.2-micron hollow fiber absolute filter at the point of use provides water free of particles and bacteria.
  • Whisper quiet pump provides optimal flow rates and silent operation.
  • Integral low water and low pressure pump protectors included to protect the pump in the event that the feed water is interrupted to the system.
  • All systems include a Pressure Regulating Valve allowing you to feed water into the systems with pressures ranging from gravity to 100 psig.


The EASYpure II RF and RF/UV portable systems incorporate an integral non-contominoting 6.5 liter reservoir that allows you to mount the system where it is convenient not where you have a permanent supply of water available. Simply pour pretreated water into the reservoir and it's ready for use.


  • Allows ultrapure water to be placed within easy access of analytical instruments.
  • RF system provides purified water with 5-10 ppb (µg/L)Totat Organic Carbon and up to 18.2 megohm-cm water.
  • RF/UV system provides purified water with 1-5 ppb (µg/L)Total Organic Carbon and up to 18.2 megohm-cm water.
  • Ideal for analytical procedure requiring water free of organics, inorganics and bacteria.
  • Delivers up to 0.8 liters of uttrapure water per minute.
  • Ideal for your most demanding analytical and biological applications requiring water free of organics, inorganics and bacteria including HPLC, GC/MS, AA, ICP/MS AND IC.


The EASYpure II line feed systems use a permanent source of pretreated water fed either from an external reservoir or a permanent pretreated line as a feed source. The four application-specific models allow you to use the water for virtually any application requiring pure water such as


  • HPLC, GC/MS, AA, ICP/MS, IC, Cell and Tissue Culture, monoclonal antibody production, PCR, DNA studies and 2D etectrophoresis.
  • At line feed systems provide at least 1.0 liter per minute of purified water whether fed from a reservoir or a pressurized line.
  • At EASYpure II tine feed models include a standard wall-mounting bracket.
  • Pressure regulating valve adds flexibility without adding cost.
  • The cartridge housing is easily accessible from the side making cartridge installation and replacement easy.
  • The optional remote dispenser allows you to deliver water up to 8 feet (2.4 m) away from the system.

Analytical Applications

  • Produces Type I water ideal for your most critical inorganic determinant analysis. Perfect for AA, ICP, GC, and ICP/MS.
  • Several Cartridge formulations are available to adapt to the avai[ab[e feed water and your application requirements.
  • Exceeds A ASTM, NCCLS and CAP Type I water purity standards.


Analytical Applications Requiring Ultra Low Levels of Organics

  • Provides superior low cost high quality water to meet or exceed your most critical inorganic and organic determinant needs.
  • Provides water quality of 1-5 ppb (µg/L) TOC (total organic carbon) and up to 18.2 megohm-cm.
  • Ideal for low-wavetength HPLC (<230 nm), IC, GC/MS and organic synthesis applications where organic removal is essential.
  • The dual wavelength quartz UV lamp (185 & 254 nm) oxidizes organics to virtually undetectable levels while controlling bacteria growth within the system.
  • Exceeds at ASTM, NCCLS and CAP Type 1 water purity standards
  • Delivers water with flow rates greater than 1 liter per minute with pressurized feed. System can be fed either from a storage reservoir or a pressurized line.
  • Water exiting the system has bacteria levels < 1 CFU/ml.


Biological and Some Life Science Applications

  • The EASYpure II UF uses a hollow fiber ukrafilter that provides product water with pyrogen (endotoxin) levels less than 0.001 Eu/mL.
  • Provides low cost, biologically-pure water with <10 ppb (µg/L) TOC (total organic carbon) and resistivity up to 18.2 megohm-cm.
  • Automatic or manual intermittent flushes clean the ultrafilter without wasting valuable high purity water.
  • Ideal for cell and tissue culture and monoclonal antibody production.


Analytical, Biological and Life Science Applications

  • Delivers high purity water free of virtually all contaminants.
  • Product water will not degrade RNA ... ideal for DNA amplification (PCR) and electrophoresis.
  • Removes RNase and DNase from concentrated feed sources to below detection levels.
  • Eliminates the risk and expense of using DEPC to remove nucleases.
  • Automatic or manual intermittent flushes clean the ultrafilter without wasting valuable high purity water.
  • Produces product water with pyrogen (endotoxin) Levels <0.001 Eu/ml and organics < 5 ppb (pg/L).
  • Water exiting the system has bacteria levels < 1 CFU/ml.
  • The dual wavelength quartz UV tamp (185 & 254nm) oxidizes organics to virtually undetectable levels white controlling bacterial growth within the system.
  • The Easypure II UV/UF uses a hollow fiber ultrafilter that ensures product water with less than 0.001 EU/ml pyrogens (bacteria endotoxins.)


  • The remote dispenser attaches to all line feed EASYpure II systems. Not available for reservoir feed systems.
  • The dispenser provides recirculation of the water up to the tip of the dispenser virtually eliminating any dead volume.
  • Delivers water up to 8 feet (2.4 meters) from the system Bowing you to bring your water to your work not your work to your water.
  • All wetted parts are non-contaminating material insuring that the water quality is maintained.
  • Includes a hollow fiber 0.2 micron final filter at the point of dispensing ensuring that the water exiting the dispenser is bacteria and parficle-free.
  • Maintains optimum system flow rates.
  • Comes complete with a wall mounting bracket for increased flexibility in choosing a mounting location.
Dimensions (WxHxD) 12 x 18.1 x 19 in. (30.5 x 46 x 48.3 cm)
Max. Inlet Pressure 100psig (6.9 bar)*
Inlet Water Temp. 40-104°F (4-40°C)
Voltage47-63Hz 100-240VAC
Max. Flow Rates Pressurized Feed 0.8 LPM
Shipping Weight 35 lbs (15.8kg)
* Not Applicable for models EASYpure II FR & EASYpure II RF/UV


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