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horizontal Electrophoresis Biotechnology

horizontal Electrophoresis

Product Code:Maxi standard et refroidi

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  • Up to 160 samples can be creened on one gel
  • Buffer recirculation ports as standard
  • Combs compatible with multichannel pipettes
  • Four comb slots
  • Cooled option allows shorter run times without loss of resolution

Designed for both analytical and preparative studies of nucleic acids, Maxi horizontal gel units feature as standard, buffer depletion. Four comb positions permit the screening of up to 160 samples. Gel casting gates, which have a silicone rubber edge gasket, fit into a removable gel casting tray. This provides leak-free gel pouring.

Maxi cooled units offer the same features as the standard models but with the addition of cooling in the base. The cooling allows the gel to be run at higher voltages for quicker running times whitout the loss of resolution.

Typical applications
Designed for high resolution electrophoresis. Applications include DNA analysis and PCR® and restriction fragment sceening.


Gel Dimensions (WxL) 20 x 20 cm
Unti Dimensions 27 x 47.5 x 8 cm
Max. Sample Capacity 160
Buffer Volume 2,200 ml
Combs Available
No. of Samples 16, 20, 28, 40
Thickness 1, 1.5, 2 mm


Cat. No. Description
HU20 Maxi Horizontal Gel Unit with removable gel casting tray
CHU20 Cooled Maxi Horizontal Gel Unit with removable gel casting tray
Both models include: 1x UV tray 20 x 20 cm (WxL), 2x 1 mm 16 sample combs, coloured strips and 2 casting gates
HU20-UT Gel Casting Tray
HU20-CG Gel Casting Gates, pk/2
HU-SG Silicone Gasket, 1 metre
HU20-CS Coloured Loading Strips
HU-BRP Buffer Recirculation Ports
PT-0.2 Replacement Pt wire, 50 cm, for Maxi and Cooled Maxi series



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