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Equipment for adhesion test Material Testing

Equipment for adhesion test

Product Code:106

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Adhesion Tester Elcometer 106 traction
The Elcometer 106 adhesion tester - easy to use and fully portable, can quantify the adhesion of a coating. Applications include: paint spraying or plasma on bridge decks, the coatings on steel, aluminum or concrete etc.
  • Supplied in a carrying case - ideal for site tests
  • Manual operation: no power supply needed


Test method
A test pad is attached to a coating using an adhesive. The assembly 106 includes a spring which exerts a tensile force on the stud. When the block is detached from the surface, an indicator on the scale shows the numerical value of adhesion (force required to remove the pad). Testing of low adhesion values ​​of 5-30 PSI (0,05-0,2N / mm2) up to 500- 3200PSI (5-22N / mm2) for an approximate value in kg / cm2 multiply N / mm2 10 .


The largest structures built by man to the smallest household appliances, most manufactured products have a protective coating or lining. Premature failure of a coating can result in cost of replacement or repair, as well as a loss of credibility screw vis the client. The adhesion test after the coating process will quantify the strength of adhesion between the substrate and coating or between different coating layers or cohesive substrates. These tests are also used as part of inspection and maintenance procedures to help detect potential coating failures. Elcometer offers a range of adhesion tests designed to meet all your needs.


Grid method
The coating is cut into small squares, then the adhesion is assessed against the company, ISO or ASTM.


Method of adhesion by pull
Voltage pads of (dollies) are bonded to the coating. When the glue is dry, the force required to remove the pad from the surface is measured.


Method by adhesion tension
Similar to the method of adhesion by pulling the pads are bonded to the coating. These studs are composed of two parts separated by a colored ring. Once the glue dries, simply affix the pulling tool - the stud of abruption indicates a failure of adhesion. The breaking of the plot indicates that the adhesion is acceptable. The color ring indicates the strength that the coating has supported.



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