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Vertical system for electrophoresis and transfer unit Biotechnology

Vertical system for electrophoresis and transfer unit

Product Code:TV400

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  • Cooling Coil inside buffer tank (K version only) - Provides direct cooling of the buffer so enhancing gel and blot resolution.
  • Finger stops on tank. - Provide a firm, positive grip of the tank during transportation.
New Gel Running Module (GRM) - This has new key features:
  • Finger lugs - Assist in carrying the GRM around the laboratory and in insertion and removal of the module from the tank.
  • Ultra Soft Silicone seal. - Ensures an excellent leak tight seal between the glass plates and the inner buffer chamber.
  • Gel clamps. - 3 screws per gel clamp offers a quick and effective time saving assembly / disassembly process.
New Electro Blotting Module - This has new key features:
  • Utilises the same tank for added convenience.
  • Top and bottom clamps eliminate need to turn the “gel sandwich” through 90o prior to use.
  • Locking lugs on the base of the “gel sandwich” ensure a positive fit into the module.
  • Recesses in the feet of the module lock into lugs in the tank walls to provide stability.


Typical applications
  • Protein and nucleic acid separations
  • Preparative
  • Peptide 
  • Gradient pore separations


  • The new parallel clamping mechanism ensures even pressure is imparted onto the gel cassettes or glass plates. This eliminates any undue pressure on the gel and so prevents lane distortion.
  • The gels are fully submerged in running buffer during electrophoresis, evenly distributing the heat generated and improving gel resolution.
  • To further enhance resolution or to reduce run times, additional cooling is provided in the super-cooled tank options, the TV400K and TV400YK.
  • The TV400K and TV400YK can be connected to a re-circulating chiller, the K-ELECTRO4 which will keep the temperature of the running buffer below room temperature.
  • Hand Cast option comes complete with all necessary accessories.
Size Up to 20.5 x 20 cm plate
Gel size 16.5 x 17.5 cm
Unit dimensions 28.5 x 28.5 x 16.5 cm
Buffer volume min 950 ml, max 4.6 L
Max. sample capactiy 96
Combs available
No. of samples 1,10,18,24,36,48
Thicknesses 0.25,0.35,0.75,1,1.5,2 mm


Cat. No. Description
TV400 Tank + gel running module. Includes 2 x 4mm notched glass plates, 2 x 4mm plain glass plates with 1mm bonded spacers, 1 x Dummy plate, 2 x Combs 1mm 24 Sample.
TV400K TV400 with cooling coil.
TV400Y TV400 with casting base.
TV400YK TV400K with casting base.
TV400-GRM Gel running module.
TV400-TANK Replacement tank.
TV400-KTANK Super Cooled Replacement tank.
TV400-LID Replacement lid.
TV400-CLAMP Replacement clamp PK/4.
TV400-SCW Screw set for TV400-CLAMP PK/12.
TV400-GS Replacement gasket set for GRM PK/2.
TV400-PGS0.75 Plain 200 X 200 mm Glass with fixed 0.75mm spacers PK2.
TV400-PGS1 Plain 200 X 200 mm Glass with fixed 1mm spacers PK2.
TV400-PGS1.5 Plain 200 X 200 mm Glass with fixed 1.5mm spacers PK2.
TV400-PGS2 Plain 200 X 200 mm Glass with fixed 2mm spacers PK2.
TV400-NG Notched glass 200 X 200 mm PK2.
TV400-PG Plain glass 200 X 200 mm PK2 (requires spacers see V20 range).
TV400-CB Casting base.
TV400-EBGRM Electroblotting Module for TV 400.
TV400-FPL Fibre pads 20 x20 cm, PK/4 for EBGRM
TV400-CC Compression cassette for EBGRM



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