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Temperature and humidity data logger Biotechnology

Temperature and humidity data logger

Product Code:Flashlink

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Simple - Accurate - Economical

The FlashLink Program Manager software is very simple to use, and feature packed to allow a ful analysis of your temperature and/or humidity recordings. It can typically download in just 5 seconds and the data can be listed numerically, graphed, printed, imported to a spreadsheet or sent by email anywhere in the world.



Simple to use
From the start page, you can:
  • Set-up FlashLink
  • Download new recording
  • Open an existing recording


Set-up flashlink
The many ways you can record:
  • By tune interval, from every 3 seconds up to 24 hours.
  • By simply clicking on the calendar dates to start and stop
  • You can delay the start time from 0 second to 56 days
  • Manual start allows you to start if at the job location by pushing a button.
  • You can even let it record endlessly in the loop mode!
By setting FlashLink to record once every 50 minutes, it will continuously record for a full year!


Job information, alarms & more...
Seven fully customizable lines on the data tag page allows you to easily label each recording. The wide choices of alarm options give plenty of flexibility.
  • Enter your job information to identify each recording.
  • Set your high/low alarms.
  • Alarm delay prevents false alarms, like defrost cycles, door openings, etc.
  • Click "OK" and the unit will launch.


Downloading & ing files
Once the recording is completed, connect the Flashlink to your PC and click "Download." In just about 5 seconds, FlashLink will automatically download and make a file. 

Simply click on a file name to bring it up. Here are just some of the information it will provide:
  • Recorded temperature/humidity by sequence number, date and time.
  • Data info, like startup time, log intervals, stop time, etc.
  • Statistics such as Min/Max, average, standard de viation, etc. You can even re-select any recorded range to re-calculate the statistics.
  • Alarm events, including total time and area of the alarm.

A click on the graph icon will now show the same file in a graph form. Some of the features are:
  • Sequence marker: Place the cursor on any point on the temperature line to show the exact time and data of the event.
  • Zoom in any area for a close-up view.
  • Shade only the alarm areas.

The printing feature allows you to insert your company name and logo, as well as a special heading, on every report.


  • Diagnosis in commercial buildings
  • Equipment performance verification
  • Air balancing
  • Energy audit
  • Property management


  • Long-term equipment performance verification
  • Documentation of refrigeration temperature
  • Equipment diagnosis


  • Temperature recording during transport
  • Quality control
  • Diagnostic of refrigeration unit


Food service
  • Food cooling rate analysis
  • Hot / Cold holding equipment
  • Refrigeration cases
  • HACCP compliance


Quality assurance
  • Recording of internal product temperature
  • Validation


System requirements
  • IBM compatible with 4 megs of memory. Runs on Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and 98
  • FlashLink is year 2000 compatible.
  • Software # 20210 is necessary to run any of the loggers, and only one copy is needed to run multiple units.


Int Temp Sensor Range -40°F to 150°F (-40°C to 66°C)
Ext Temp Sensor Range -40°F to 302°F (-40°C to 150°C)
Ext Low Temp Sensor Range -112°F to 230°F (-80°C to 110°C)
Temperature Accuracy -112°F to 230°F (-80°C to 110°C)
±2°F (1°C) over entire range
Operating Temp Range -40°F to 130°F (-40°C to 55°C)
Operating Humidity Range 1% to 99% RH
Humidity Accuracy ±5% between 20% to 90% RH
Temperature Resolution 0.1°F or °C
Logged Data Capacity 7,900 to 10,000 data points
Data Download Time 5 seconds typical for 3,800 data points
Startup Alarm Delay Skip 1 to 16 data points
Operating Alarm Delay 0 to 79 minute delay filter as needed
Logging Time Interval Range 3 seconds to 24 hours
Programmable Delayed Start 0 second to 256 days
Water Resistance Withstands immersion up to 6 inches for washing and sanitizing
Shock Resistance 3-ft drop to hard surface
Battery Type / Life CR2450 3v Lithium /1 year
Enclosure / Size ABS plastic case, 3.25"W x 2.25"H x .75"D
Certification T.U.V. - CE Mark


Cat. No. Description
20201 Internal Temperature Sensor
20202 Internal Temperature and sharp External Temperature Sensors
20203 Internal Temperature and Humidity Sensors
20204 Two Sharp External Temperature Sensors
20205 Blunt External Low Temperature Sensor (-104°F / -80°C)
20209 Sharp External Temperature Sensor
20210 Software / Cable Package



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