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Storage and managements of biological samples Biotechnology

Storage and managements of biological samples

Product Code:gammes 3S

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3S® if gni trust ... SAFE SAMPLING SYSTEM

SAFE ...
Security: Each sample integrity.

Full traceability.

Certainty of treatment with a specific control software
SAMPLING for ....
The complete system sample processing.
aliquoting a sample into several tubes securely.

the integrity of each single use aliquot prevents waste and prohibits refreezing.
  • Flexibility: Automated or manual processing.
  • The versatility: it applies to all types of biological fluids.
  • Modular: small and large series
A comprehensive solution.

taking into account all rational: equipment, software, supplies, and accessories ...

Throughout the process, a specialized software dedicated to safety and operations traceability pilot one by one.

The system is ready for use of technology "chips Radio Frequencies"

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