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Hydraulic adhesion tester Material Testing

Hydraulic adhesion tester

Product Code:108

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The Elcometer 108 is an extremely flexible hydraulic tester job adhesion that can theoretically meet all the needs of the adhesion control. Adhesion tests in corrosive or hostile environments.

  • Manual and portable
  • Ideal for site
  • Reusable stainless steel studs
  • Only a small test surface is necessary
  • Can be used in accordance with the test methods ASTM D451 and ISO 4624


The jaw curves
The Elcometer 108 may also be used with the jaw curves - which makes the adhesion of the pipeline meter, reservoirs and other curved surfaces. A wide range of curves plots is available, each designed for a specific range of curvature. The respectively convex and concave pads are for use on the outer and inner bends.


Beach 0-18MPa (0-2600psi)
Gauge Scale 0-25MPa (0-3500psi)
Precision manometer
Metric (black scale) ± 0.5 MPa
Imperial (red scale) ± 50 psi
Body Weight
Gross weight 4.6kg (10lbs)
Size of the studs
Outside diameter 19,39mm (0.763 inch)
Inner diameter 3,73mm (0.147 inches)
Area 284mm2 (0.44 in2)
F108 --- 1A (230V - UK plug)
F108 --- 1B (230V - Europe plug)
F108 --- 1C (110V - without plug)
Housing 520 x 370 x 125mm (20-1 / 2 x 14-1 / 2 x 5 in.)
Dolly OD 19.39mm (0.763 ") ID 3.73mm (0.147"); Area: 184mm2 (0.44in.)
Elcometer 108, 5 blocks shots, 5 nylon pads, 20g M2000 glue holder pads, hot clip, manual and carrying case

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