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Flexible optical fibers Biotechnology

Flexible optical fibers

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Single Arm


Twin Arm


Articulating Arm with Heavy Steel Base

Articulated Support Arm

  • Accurate adjustment for quick, simple and precise positioning
  • Unrestricted movement – 220mm radius of action
p/n 10076
Heavy Steel Base for Articulated Arm, p/n 10076 p/n 22764
Small Light Guide Holder for 9-12mm Ferrule ∅ p/n 10076.001
Large Light Guide Holder for 11-16mm Ferrule ∅ p/n 10078.001
Focusing Lens for up to 10mm Ferrule ∅ p/n 10074
Polarizing Cap for p/n 10074 p/n 22765


Modular Accessory System
Modular Accessory Holder
(required for use with all
modular filters)
p/n 26784.100
Modular Focusing Lens p/n 26784.001
Modular Iris Diaphragm p/n 26784.002
Modular Polarizing Filter p/n 26784.003
Modular Daylight Filter p/n 26784.004
Modular Blue Filter p/n 26784.005
Modular Red Filter p/n 26784.006
Modular Green Filter p/n 26784.007
Modular Yellow Filter p/n 26784.008
Modular Empty Filter Holder p/n 26784.009
Modular Diffuser p/n 26784.010



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