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Automatic Veterinary Hematology Analyzer Biotechnology

Automatic Veterinary Hematology Analyzer

Product Code:VET HemaScreen-18

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Fully automatic cell counter for the SPECIES-SPECIFIC  determination of 18 parameters including histogram data for 3-part WBC differentials, RBC's and PLT's.  All results are displayed on-screen as well as externally printed along with any associated flags alarms and warnings on pathological results.

Advanced veterinary reagents and comprehensive multi-species software are combined in the Vet Hema-Screen 18, to make a very powerful CBC diagnostic tool.  Many species are already preprogrammed while customizable channels allow you to add new species.


  • Trouble-shooting with any identified function errors displayed on-screen
  • On-screen adjustablePlt threshold and reagent level indication for diluent
  • Lysing and detergent levels.


Counting Time 12 sec
Working Capacity 60 samples/hour
Sample volume 25 µL of whole blood
Aperture Size 80 µm / RBC-PLT and 100 µm / WBC
Accuracy WBC: 3%, RBC: 2%, HCT: 3%, MCV: 2%, HBC: 2%, PLT: 4%,
Parameters WBC - LYM# - MID# - GRN# - LYM% - MONO% - GRN% - HGB - RBC - HCT - MCV - RDW - MCH - MCHC - PLT - MPV - PCT - PDW - WBC, RBC and PLT histograms
Interface RS 232; 3½" floppy disk
Screen 240x128 dots graphic backlit Liquid Crystal Display
Printer external
Power Supply 110/220V; 50/60 Hz; 90 VA
Size 43 (L) x 43 (H) x 46 (H) cm
Weight 40 Lbs. (18Kg).


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