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Hood powders

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  • No duct work required. The pre-filter, primary and backup HEPA filters and blower are housed inside the unit. The blower is a brushless, sparkless motor rated for use 24 hours, 7 days a week. Together they ensure that warm, filtered air is returned to the room saving energy costs.
  • Constructed of polypropylene. The workstation is constructed of tough, chemically-resistant polypropylene. The three sides, top and base are thermally fused to provide a seamless shell - no glue to breakdown and no metal to rust.
  • Air Flow Manager. For maximum containment, stable and uniform air flow is maintained by the air flow manager. The enclosure's face velocity is constantly monitored and displayed. Any change, often due to laboratory conditions or filter capacity, automatically initiates an adjustment to the blower speed keeping the air flow constant.
  • Alarms. A low airflow alarm visually and audibly alerts the user to insufficient airflow. The filter alarm monitors the filter life and alerts the user when the HEPA filter is saturated and needs to be changed.
  • Full protection during filter change. When changing the primary HEPA filter, the backup HEPA filter provides complete containment. Simply remove the pre-filter and primary HEPA filter from inside the enclosure. Bag them and seal the bag safely inside the workstation.
  • Ergonomically designed. The Sartorius Mechatronics SPH features an ergonomic, energy efficient design with angled face for worker comfort. The clear polycarbonate face can be opened completely to install equipment. The front sash can be raised to a height of 9", while maintaining full containment, allowing for greater accessibility to the workstation.
  • Perfect fit. The SPH is small enough to fit on your benchtop, but roomy enough to accommodate up to two lab instruments.
  • Fully assembled. When you receive the SPH, all you need to do is plug it in and turn it on. All three filters are installed at the factory prior to shipment - where the unit undergoes an extensive quality testing to ensure maximum performance and protection.
  • Extra features. The florescent light can be turned on for task lighting. Utility ports allow power and communication cords to be connected outside workstation. Lab timer assists with time management.
  • Disposal Port. This option allows disposal of weighing containers, gloves and other items with traces of powder within the workstation. Simply thread a waste bag through the 4.5" diameter hole and secure inside the workstation. Place contaminated materials inside bag. When full, seal the bag from inside and remove.
  • Cart provides mobility or extra countertop space. Constructed of 14-gauge epoxy coated steel, these carts are a perfect fit for the SPH. Standard height is under 34" to meet ADA requirements. Choose locking casters to make your workstation portable or stationary feet to expand workspace in the laboratory.


  • Designed specifically for the containment of powder
  • Particles are trapped in the pre-filter and HEPA filter
  • Save energy by returning filtered, room-temperature air to the room
  • Thermally fused Polypropylene to eliminate vibration, provide chemical resistance and wipe-down cleanability.
  • Includes HEPA Filter with 99.997% efficiency at 0.3 microns
  • Audible and visual alarms warn of any potential problems
  • Dynamic air flow volume with real time air velocity feedback
  • Continuous HEPA filtration monitoring
  • Compatible with MicroBalances
  • Modular electronics for easy service
  • No installation cost
  • Electrical cord and waste disposal ports
  • Ductless design enables easy portability
  • Available in 32" or 48" widths
Models 32" 48"
Maximum volume of air filtered 350 CFM 600 CFM
Included Filters prefilter (1); primary HEPA (1); backup HEPA (1) prefilter (1); primary HEPA (1); backup HEPA (1)
Electrical Voltage
110V (optional 220V)
Electrical Current 3.0A (1.5A for 220V) 6.0A (6.0A for 220V)
Electrical Consumption 330W 660W
External Dimensions (L x W x H) 30 x 32 x 32.5” (762 x 813 x 826mm) 30 x 48 x 32.5” (762 x 1219 x 826mm)
Weight 175 lbs. (79.4kg) 250 lbs. (113.4kg)
Minimum Installation Clearance
3 “ on right side; 4” on top


Order information
  32" 48"
Model No. SPH32 SPH48
Model No. with Disposal Port SPH32B SPH48B
Model No. 220V Option SPH322 SPH482
Model No. 220V Option with Disposal Port SPH32B2 SPH48B2
Accessories Part no.
Pre-filter for 32” unit (pack of 12) 6009.1
Pre-filter for 48” unit (pack of 2) 6010.1
HEPA for 32” unit 6011.1
HEPA for 48” unit 6012.1
Cart with wheels for 32” unit 6013.1
Cart with wheels for 48” unit 6014.1
Stationary cart for 32” unit 6015.1
Stationary cart for 48” unit 6016.1



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