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High frequency fluorescent illuminator Biotechnology

High frequency fluorescent illuminator

Product Code:ModelsTLC7 & TLC8

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Unique adjustable intensity circuit
All TLC7/ TLC8 TechniLight fluorescent ring illuminators operate at high frequency. By operating at high frequency, these lights remove problems associated with high-speed imaging. Images taken under these lights are very uniform, given the uniformity of the lighting created by the high-frequency light. All TLC7 TechniLight fluorescent ring illuminators contain a dimming circuit that enables you to vary the intensity without affecting the color temperature. Unlike other dimming units in the marketplace, the TLC7’s unique microprocessor-controlled circuit automatically adjusts the internal bulb filament heaters to prevent a loss in bulb life when operating at low intensity.


Commun uses

High-frequency fluorescent ring illuminators are commonly used when a highly stable even and diffuse daylight source is required.

  • Lighting for machine vision, measuring microscopes, video microscopes, digital imaging and photography
  • Applications in which rapid shutter speeds are being used or in which video framegrabber cards are in use
  • UV curing in electronics, medical and other industrial applications


Lamps selection guide
Color White Black UV Yellow White
Fits All except TLC7 TLC7
Color Temperature See chart
Life 4600 hours
Min. Order Quantity 1


Illuminator selection guide
Part # TLC7 TLC8
Electronic Brightness Control Standard N/A
Standard Lamp XTL WTL
Optional Lamp N/A BTL, YTL
Frequency 85,000 Hz
Standard Power Input 100-240 VAC
Enclosure Material Aluminum
Surface Finish Baked enamel
Standard Color Beige
Standard Power Plug US plug
Optional Power Plugs Specify type (country)
Standard Cord Length 144 inches
Dimensions see drawing
Warranty 1 year




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