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Handheld Particle Counter Environment

Handheld Particle Counter

Product Code:GT-521

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Big Performance, Small Size
The GT-521 is a full-featured, battery-operated, portable laser particle counter that provides the functionality of a bench unit with the convenience of a handheld! It can datalog particle counts continuously or send them to a network.


Dual Programmable Particle Channels
Two programmable particle channels with a range of 0.3 – 5.0 microns each show differential or cumulative particle counts in real time, with selectable count units.


Simple and Powerful Menu - Driven Command Set
A simple touch of a button sets particle sizes, sample time, alarm settings, and basic setup parameters such as date/time and communications settings. Remote operation via RS-232 or RS-485 communications ports allows extensive control, including all front-panel operations.


Flexible Data Interfaces
Only two front-panel buttons control the size channels and sample cycle. The side-mounted power switch allows for convenient thumb operation.


Battery or AC Powered
Stores up to 4,000 records for printer output, Excel® formatted output, or networked datalogging via the included single computer software (GT-Comm).


Temperature and Relative Humidity Option
A plug-and-play option that immediately adds ambient temperature and relative humidity capabilities to the displayed and logged data.


Controlled Environments
Indoor Air Quality
Process Control
HVAC Applications
Filter Testing
Compliance Testing
Emission Sourcing
Remote Sampling
QA Programs
Whatever your particular needs,
the right choice is only natural.


Counts individual particles using scattered laser light
Particle Size Range
Concentration Range
Flow Rate
Sample Time
Hold Time 
Two channels - from 0.3 to 5.0 µm (selectable in 0.1 µm increments
0 – 3,000,000 particles per cubic foot (105,900 particles/L)
± 10%, to calibration aerosol
0.3 µm
0.1 cfm (2.83 lpm)
Adjustable: 6 to 999 seconds
Adjustable: 1 to 999 seconds

Light Source

AC Adapter/Charger

Laser diode, 35 mW, 780 nm
6V Ni-MH self-contained battery pack - provides 8 hours
of typical intermittent operation, up to 5 hours continuous use
AC to DC module, 100–240 VAC to 9 VDC @ 350 mA typical
RS-232 or RS-485 Half Duplex
Meets or exceeds CE, ISO, ASTM, and JIS international certifications
16-character * 4-line LCD
7-key membrane type



Height = 6.25” (15.9 cm) Width = 4.0” (10.2 cm) Thickness = 2.1” (5.4cm)
1.94 lb - 31 oz (0.88 kg)
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature 

0º to +50ºC

-20º to +60ºC

Supplied • Operation Manual
• Custom Serial Cable
• Communication Software (GT-Comm)
• AC to DC Converter Module with IEC AC Power Cord
• Isokinetic Sample Probe
• Screwdriver
• Carrying Case
• Zero Particulate Filter
Optional  • RH & Temperature Probe (Met One Part Number G3120)
• Flow Meter (Met One Part Number 9801)
• Portable Printer (Met One Part Number G3115)
METGT521 - 0  Handheld Particle Counter


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