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Easy to clean CO2 incubator Biotechnology

Easy to clean CO2 incubator

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Offered in two chamber capacities, this new CO2 Incubator design features a HEPA filtration system with a patented copper housing. As the chamber air is drawn through the filter system, airborne microbes and isolated particulates are not only removed from air but destroyed as well. It is through copper oxidation that the contaminants are actually killed. The HEPA filter is easily replaced without the need any tools and has an efficiency rating of 99.97% at 0.3 microns.

In addition to the HEPA filtration system, our new units introduce a deep drawn, radius chamber to make clean up in corners easy. An air jacket around the chamber helps reduce the possibility of contamination due to condensation within the chamber. The new shelf system is easily removed to aid in effortless cleaning and decontamination.

As with other units, the HEPA Clean CO2 Incubators are all microprocessor controlled to achieve precise temperature and CO2 control. The temperature and CO2 levels are displayed digitally on large, easy to read LED displays.

The Infrared (IR) CO2 sensor allows for the most accurate detection and control of CO2 levels in the chamber. It is capable of sensing a change in the CO2 concentration as small as 0.1% and is unaffected by changes in temperature and humidity. Infrared also quickly senses a change in CO2, facilitating rapid recovery after door opening.

Humidification is achieved through natural evaporation of distilled water in the humidity pan. The overtemperature safety is independent of the main controls and is user adjustable. A tempered glass viewing door allows for viewing of samples without disturbing the chamber environment.

Control range
Amb +5 to 60°C
±0.1°C @ 37°C
Setpoint / Setability
Digital / 0.1°C
Alarms - HI / LOW
Audio / Visual
Independent Safety Thermostat
CO2 Control
CO2 Sensor
Infrared (IR)
CO2 Control range
0 - 20%
Setpoint / Setability
Digital / 0.1%
±0.1% @ 5%
Recovery Rate to 5% CO2
>1% / minute
Alarms - HI / LOW
Audio / Visual
Exterior, WxDxH
25.5 x 27.1 x 37.8 in.
648 x 688 x 960 mm
Interior, WxDxH
19.3 x 19.9 x 25.6 in.
490 x 505 x 650 mm
Chamber Volume
5.67 cft / 160 litres
Shelf Dimensions
17.75 x 18.25 in.
451 x 464 mm
Shelves supplied
Shelves - Maximum
115V or 220V
50/60 Hz
700 / 750
Fused inlet


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