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heating mantle Biotechnology

heating mantle

Product Code:Serie TM

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The Series TM spherical flask mantle covers only the flask's bottom half, letting you see its full contents. Larger sizes have multiple circuits for ease of temperature control when a flask is less than half full. Splash Guards can be used with TM102 through TM117. Poncho Safety Shields can be used with sizes 500 ml (TM106) and larger.

  • Heating element is distributed over bottom and sides for even heating.
  • Operating temperature to 450°C
  • CSA Certified.
  • Housing is grounded with 3 wire cord and plug, included.



Aluminium housed mantles
  • Rigid housing provides strength and durability while supporting the weight of the vessel
  • Fabric interior to softly nest glass vessels and reduce the chance of thermal shock
  • Adaptable to most vessels including larger sizes
  • Withstands 450° internal operating temperature (650° for Series STM), enough power for most applications
  • Can be adapted to special applications with custom sizes, bottom holes, and special electrical devices
  • Feet on smaller sizes designed to provide stability and promote cooler exterior temperatures


Cat. No. Description
  Capacity Flask Dia. Wattage
GL100BTM102 250 ml 83 mm 180
GL100BTM104 300 ml 86 mm 180
GL100BTM106 500 ml 101 mm 270
GL100BTM108 1000 ml 137 mm 380
GL100BTM110 2000 ml 170 mm 500
GL100BTM112 3000 ml 183 mm 500
GL100BTM114 5000 ml 220 mm 600
GL100BTM116 12,000 ml 293 mm 1300
GL100BTM118 22,000 ml 347 mm 1540



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