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Protein Expression mixer Biotechnology

Protein Expression mixer

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Protein Expression Shaker Shown with (8) 2.5-Liter Ultra Yield Flask™

Our shakers are affordable and can be automated or customized for any vessel. Applications include solubility studies, cell culture, bacterial suspensions, protein expressions, and solution phase.

Glas-Col's Protein Expression Shaker:
  • Performs high or low speed mixing (orbital)
  • Gives repeatable mixing results
  • Uniform temperature
  • 15° to 60°T range +/- O.4°T
  • Lexan front


Shakers can be used with the following vessels:
Volumetric Type Flask
Thomson Ultra Yield Flask
  • 125ml
  • 250ml
  • 500ml
  • 2.5-liter


The Protein Expression Shaker has the following features:
  • Micro-processor based control technology
  • Speed 10 to 600 rpm, Speed Display Resolution: A RPM, Speed Setting Increment: I RPM
  • 4-line back-lit LCD display
  • Built-in digital timer (seconds: 1-60, minutes: 1-60, hours: 1-24)
  • User selectable pulse profile (Pulses-per-minute: I -100), Ppm-duty-cycle: 1-99 %
  • Timer and Pulse mode may be combined.
  • Membrane switch user interface (4-button)
  • Soft Start/Stop of motor
  • Optional software for real time data acquisition
  • Orbital offset .375"


Size 28"W x 26"D x 22" H Cabinet approx.
Mixer mounts Vibration absorbing for minimum transfer to lab bench
On/Off switch Located on front of mixer
Finish Light gray and black powder coat finish
Cord 3-wire 5' long
Load Up to (8) 2-liter flask.


Catalog Number VAC, Frequency Dimensions (w x d x h) Shpg wt lb
107A 0616700144 120,50/60HZ. 28"w x 26"d x 22"h 250


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