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Piezo Micromanipulators Biotechnology

Piezo Micromanipulators

Product Code:PM 20

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Because of the very high penetration velocity and the exact actual movement of the piezo electric probe, the PM 20 manipulator is very well suited for this type of work. Problems such as shifting of cells relative to the capillary tip are greatly reduced and even difficult cells can be penetrated. Forward and retraction speed can be independently chosen. A rapid retraction of the capillary prevents the cell from sticking to the capillary tip.

The piezo manipulator PM 20 was designed to be used with the micromanipulators DC3-K or MMJ. It can be mounted directly to the toolholders of these manipulators. On special request we can also provide brackets to mount the PM 20 to manipulators of other manufacturers. The PM 20 can be combined with all commercially available micro injectors as long as they accept 5V trigger pulses (for example: Eppendorf, Wpi PV 820/830). The combination of such a micro-injector and the PM 20 represents a high performance system for intracellular injection at a very favorable price performance ratio.

With such an equipment the capillary needle only has to be positioned with reference to the cell. Penetration, injection, and retraction of the capillary occurs after activating the start button or footswitch automatically. Due to the special desigh of the piezo element and by using our capillary holders and ideal linear movement of the capillary tip can be achieved which is a prerequisit for vibration free penetration at high speeds. As an example the displacement from the ideal axis even with the highest stepping distance of 20 my would only be 1 my (the measurement is taken on the tip of the capillary holder).

Step size 0-20 my adjustable
Vmax forward 100 mm/sec.
Vmax backwards 50 mm/sec.
Signal in - output 1 ea. 5 Volt TTL Input/Output
Maximum step sequence max. 1 forward/backward step/sec.


Cat. No. Description
00-79-220-6820 PM 20 - Piezo-Micromanipulator



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