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Controller sag and leveling NYPC Material Testing

Controller sag and leveling NYPC

Product Code:4280

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Viscosity is the resistance to the flow of a liquid. In the coatings industry, this behavior is one of the key parameters.

Elcometer manufactures and supplies a wide range of viscosity gauges from flow cups and dip cups to rotational viscometers, cone / plans.

Flow cups: The process flow through an orifice can often be used as a measure and a relative classification of the viscosity.

The measured kinematic viscosity is generally expressed as the flow time in seconds, which can be converted in centistokes using a viscosity disc.

Dip cups: Using the same principle as flow cups, cups soaked Frikmar, Zahn, Shell, etc. - Can be used for rapid measurement of viscosity in the workshop or on site.

Rotary: Rotational viscometers are used to determine the viscosity of liquids which do not depend solely on temperature and pressure. The behavior of non-Newtonian liquids can be determined by using a range of rotational viscometers, especially viscometers cones / plans.

The Elcometer 4280 combines the control spreading of the Elcometer 4260 and the sag test the Elcometer 4270. This double gauge is used to check the leveling characteristic of a coating and its resistance to sag under the action of gravity
Accordance with:
ASTM D 2801 FTMS 141A Method 4494


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Elcometer 4280 Elcometer 4280 Controller leveling and casting 75-300 3 -12 K0004280M001 K0US4280M001
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