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Measuring the color of grass Environment

Measuring the color of grass

Product Code:TCM500

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Accurately measure turfgrass color and quality
Color is a key indicator of turfgrass quality, particularly nitrogen content and water status. Traditionl turf color evaluation methods rely entirely on human judgment. The TCM500 provides an objective, accurate measurement of turf color, eliminating human error and stregthening the validity of your turf quality measurement.

Reflected red, green, and blue light from controlled light source is instantly measured and stored in a built-in data logger until you download to your PC. Three different measurement modes, including a traditional 0-9.9 "green index", allow you to collect the data you need to support and fine-tune your turf management program. GPS/DGPS compatible, software included.

Measurement System  Reflectance of red, green, and blue light from internal light source
Measurement Area  Approx. 3.0 inches (7.60 cm)
Measurement Units
  • Index of relative RGB content; 0 to 99
  • % color RGB
  • Grass index; 0-9.9
Repeatability  ±5% of measurement
Logger Capacity
  • 3250 measurements without GPS/DGPS
  • 1350 measurements with GPS/DGPS
Power  9V battery (approx. 3000 measurements)
2975  TCM500 Turf Color Meter
2950C  GPS/DGPS Cable


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