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Biological Microscope GMN-800M Biotechnology

Biological Microscope GMN-800M

Product Code:Serie GMN-800M

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  • Colour corrected infinity optical system
  • The IOS infinity design has succeeded in achieving longer working distance objectives with higher numerical aperture. This represents a significant development in optical performance and versatility
  • WF 10x/22mm eyepiece
  • I0S plan achromatic 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x(s), 100x oil
  • Swing-out achromatic condenser
  • Microscope stand
The wide arm provides strenght and rigidity. Additionally, the inverted “Y“ support in the back of the microscope provides extra lateral stability.


Viewing Head Seidentopf binocular or trinocular head. Inclined 300 and able to rotate a full 3600 with 48mm to 75mm interpupillary adjustment. Left eye diopter adjustment of +/- 5mm. High quality multiple-coated prism system.
Eyepieces 10x wide field (DIN). Field number 22.
Objectives All objectives are parcentered, parfocal, and color coded IOS plan achromatic on bright field models. Plan achromatic are standard on the phase contrast models
Nosepiece Quintuple ball-bearing nosepiece with positive click stops and smooth operation
Stage Integrated mechanical stage with vernier and right hand coaxial ultra low position x-y knobs 142mm (D) X 185mm (W). Removable spring clip slide holder. Range motion is 55mm X 75mm.
Focusing Mechanism Brass gear train focusing system. Coaxial coarse and fine controls with dial markings at 2 microns increments. Adjustable focus stop to protect slides from damage and adjustable tension control.
Illumination The external 6V-30W halogen Koehler illumination system provides bright, even illumination at any magnification.
Condenser The newly-developed swing-out condenser with numerical aperture of 0.90/0.25 provides homogeneous illumination for observation and photomicrography at all magnifications from 2x to 100x.
Body Cast-metal frame with reagent resistant, enamel finish


Ordering informations
GMN-800M-00 Binocular IOS plan achromatic with 4x, 10x, 40x, 100 (oil) objectives
GMN-800M-30 Trinocular IOS plan achromatic with 4x, 10x, 40x, 100 (oil) objectives
GMN-800M-01 IOS plan achromatic 20x objectives
GMN-800M-02 Turret phase contrast kit
GMN-800M-03 Dark fielf attachment
GMN-800M-04 Epi-fluorescent attachment
GMN-800M-05 Photo attachment


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