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inverted microscope Biotechnology

inverted microscope

Product Code:Serie 8500

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  • Advanced microscope
  • 40mm focusing range
  • Overhead 6V/20W variable quartz halogen light


Viewing Head Trinocular Seidentopf head. Inclined 30° and able to rotate a full 360° with 55 to 75mm interpupillary adjustment. Left eye diopter adjustment of ±5mm. High quality mulitple-coated prism system.
Eyepiece 10x Wide Field (DIN). Field number 18.
Objectives Long working distance Plan Achromatic D.I.N. objectives. All lenses are coated and color corrected to produce sharp, bright images. The objectives have also been corrected for curvature to produce a flat field. Microscopes are equipped with 10X (0.25 N.A.), 25X (0.40 N.A.), and 40X (0.65 N.A. retractable). All objectives are parfocal and parcentered.
Nosepiece Quadruple ball-bearing nosepiece with positive click stops and smooth operation.
Stage Integrated mechanical stage with vernier and right hand coaxial ultra low position x-y control knobs. 150mm (D) x 200mm (W). Removable spring clip slide holder. Range of motion is 30 x 75  mm. Comes with two inserts: one for 1 x 3 in. slides and one of petri dishes or vials.
Condenser Centerable brightfield condenser with iris diaphragm. Phase contrast models include a sliding phase annulus for each objective. Condenser is mounted on a rack and pinion mechanism.
Illumination 6V/20W halogen illumination, variable intensity control, fuse located in the base. Comes with blue and neutral density filters.
Brass gear train focusing system. Coaxial coarse and fine controls with dial markings at 2 micron increments. Adjustable focus stop to protect slides from damage and adjustable tension contro
Body Cast-metal frame with reagent resistant, enamel finish. Includes dust cover, blue and neutral density filters
Dimensions (DxWxH) 330 x 205 x 435 mm
Weight 9.7 kg


Ordering informations
Brightfield Models
GM8500TP-0 Trinocular 10X, 25X, 40X Plan Achromatic 6V/20W, quartz halogen
Phase Contast Models
GM8500TPPH Trinocular 10X, 25X, 40X Plan Achromatic 6V/20W, quartz halogen



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