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Automatic infusion system Biotechnology

Automatic infusion system

Product Code:ValveBank4

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* Luer-lock Systems replace (*) items with 35ml syringes and 2-way stopcocks.
** The Economy System (#17-21-20) does not include (*) items or flow regulator.

NOTE: Up to 10 ValveBanks can be networked together to switch up to 80 solutions/valves.

Cat. No. Description
17-21-20 ValveLink4 Economy 
Pinch Valve Perfusion System
13-01-23 ValveBank4 Teflon®
Perfusion System
13-pp-24 ValveBank4 Pinch Valve
Perfusion System 
(1/32" i.d. silicon tube)
17-01-2X Substitute a ValveLink8
into any 4-channel system.
01-05 Low-noise, valve and case grounding package (per 4 valves)
This item is required for CE conformity in Europe. Please order one per set of four valves.
xx-TB-xx Indicate (T)op inflow and (B)ottom outflow valve fittings:
[0]=1/8" i.d. hose barb, [1]=1/16" i.d. hose barb, 
[2]=*Luer-lock female w/ stopcocks & 35ml syringes, 
[3]=10-32 threaded nut & ferrules for 1/16" o.d. tubing




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