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Controller Powerpette® pipettes Biotechnology

Controller Powerpette® pipettes

Product Code:Quicksilver

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The Powerpette® Quicksilver has been coated with a fine chrome finish, enhancing this latest addition to the Jencons Powerpette® family. The Powerpette’s mode selection switch enables selection of high or low modes both allowing variable aspirate and dispense speeds (with blow out).  The gravity dispense mode is designed for use with 'To Deliver' (TD) pipettes. The speed of aspiration and dispensing is controlled by the concave finger triggers, designed to provide a comfortable and positive grip and to require the minimum of effort. 

The Powerpette Quicksilver is supplied with 0.45µm and 0.2µm hydrophobic filters, as standard, for effective protection against airborne contamination of the unit during aspiration, and of your samples during dispensing. It is supplied with a stand that can be used to hold the Powerpette Quicksilver either on the bench or on the wall. In either orientation it can house the controller with or without a pipette in place. It can also be charged in either position.

  • Fills a 25ml pipette in under 3 seconds on its fastest setting
  • Rechargeable during use
  • Low battery light
  • Environmentally friendly nickel metal hydride
  • Suitable for all types of pipettes 1-100ml
  • Unique stand suitable for bench or wall mounting
  • CE marked
  • 1 Year Warranty


Batteries 2x1.2V nickel metal hydride
Charger 75mA/h for 14 hours
Overall weight 180 g without stand/wall bracket
Filter Hydrophobic 0.45 or 0.2µm
Case material ASA
Nosecone material ASA
Pipette holder Silicone
Pipette types Plastic or Glass 1–100ml


Cat. No. Description
266-187 Powerpette® Quicksilver fitted with a 0.45µm filter and supplied complete with charger, two spare hydrophobic filters (1x0.45µm and 1x0.2µm) bench stand/wall bracket and instruction manual.
266-003 Replacement filter set 0.45µm. Pack size: 5
266-089 Replacement filter set 0.2µm. Pack size: 5
266-004 Replacement silicone pipette holder. Pack size: 1
266-006 Sterile filter 0.45µm. Pack size:1
266-191 Spare Bench Stand. Pack size: 1




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