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Product Code:Safetypette Pro

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The Safetypette™ Pro is a uniquely designed pipette filler with an ultra-squeezable bulb to provide smooth, manual pipetting control in both aspirating and dispensing, using 1ml to 100ml pipettes. Simply squeeze the large silicone bulb, and the thumb lever controls both the aspirate and dispense modes, with a mini-squeeze bulb for blow-out pipettes.

  • Comfortable and simple to use
  • Precise pipetting control
  • Robust and lightweight
  • Large capacity bulb
  • Compatible with blow-out pipettes
  • Simple thumb button operation
  • Uses integral 0.45µm, replaceable membrane filter to ensure liquid is not accidentally drawn into the unit
  • Autoclavable silicone pipette holder


Cat. No. Description
475-155 Safetypette™ pipette filler with integral 0.45 µm filter. Pack: 1
266-004 Replacement silicone pipette holder. Pack: 1
266-003 Replacement filter set 0.45µm. Pack: 5
266-089 Replacement filter set 0.2µm. Pack: 5
266-006 Replacement sterile filter 0.45µm. Pack: 1




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