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Electronic repeater pipette Biotechnology

Electronic repeater pipette

Product Code:HandyStep

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Uses All Standard Tips
The BRAND HandyStep Electronic is compatible with all standard-sized* repetitive pipette tips. No need to sacrifice certain pipetting volumes. No need to double stock and keep track of two kinds of tips!
Automatic Tip Recognition 
The HandyStep Electronic uses a unique tip-recognition system that automatically identifies the new encoded BRAND PD-TipTII syringe tips. The rugged mechanism "reads" the specially coded plungers and displays the volume of the tip as it is inserted into the unit.
Wide Range of Dispensed Volumes
The HandyStep Electronic dispenses volumes between I.OpL and 50mL, including non-standard volumes such as 9.2pL, 25pL, 260pL, or 1250pL.
Simple Operation
The HandyStep Electronic features three operational modes: Pipette, Dispense, and an Auto-Dispense mode in which the pipette "learns" the user's dispensing rhythm, and maintains it as long as the control button is pressed. No time-interval programming is needed! All aspects of operation are shown clearly on the large LCD display with symbols, words, and values. The screen is easy to read during right- or left-handed operation.
Ergonomically Designed 
The HandyStep Electronic operates with a relaxed grip that is comfortable in either hand. A subtle squeeze of the control button under your index finger actuates all aspirating and dispensing. The adjustable-speed motorized drive ensures fatigue-free pipetting, reduces the risk of repetitive motion injuries, and improves precision by eliminating variability in pipetting technique.
Unique Tip-Recognition System
When a new encoded PD-TiW' syringe tip is inserted into the HandyStep Electronic, the Pipette automatically identifies and displays the tip's nominal volume and a default dispensing volume for that size tip. When using EppendorfO Combitips' or Combitips8 plus, or compatible tips from other manufacturers, simply use the control keys to scroll to the correct tip volume.
Quick-charging, Replaceable Battery
The HandyStep Electronic is supplied with a compact charging stand and a NiMH battery pack t at may be charged either inside or outside of the instrument. Eliminate downtime by recharging a spa e battery while you work. While in the stand, the battery charges in only 2.5 hours and swapping batteries takes only a few seconds.
BRAND PD-Tip Syringe Tips
Manufactured from high-quality, additive-free plastics, economical PD-Tip syringe tips are available in both non-sterile and sterile, endotoxin-free varieties. They are compatible with the BRAND HandyStep Electronic and HandyStep manual repeating pipettes, in addition to most standard repeating pipettes. Contact your favorite lab dealer or BranclTech Scientific for more information.


Cat. No. Description
HandyStep Electronic Repeating Pipette
705012 HandyStep Electronic, with charging stand and NiMH battery, 110V, 50/60Hz
705025 Spare NiMH battery
PD-Tip Repeating Pipette Tips
0.5mL, pack of 100
1.25mL, pack of 100
2.5 m L, pack of 100
5 m L, pack of 100
12,5mL, pack of 100
25mL, pack of 50
50mL, pack of 25
Multi-pack, 20 each of 0.5, 1.25, 2.5, 5 and I 2.5mL tips
Sterile, endotoxin-free
0.5mL, pack of 100
1.25mL, pack of 100
2.5 m L, pack of 100
5 m L, pack of 100
12,5mL, pack of 100
25mL, pack of 25
50mL, pack of 25




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