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Pipette filler Biotechnology

Pipette filler

Product Code:Smoothie

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The newest addition to our range of pipette fillers, the Jencons Smoothie™ is exceptionally smooth in action, simple to use and flexible in application, eliminating the need to use a range of different sized pipette fillers for a variety of volumes dispensed.
You can choose from a range of five fabulous colours each impregnated with its own subtle fragrance: Vanilla, Banana, Blueberry, Strawberry or Lemon & Lime*.

• Comfortable and simple to use
• Smooth and controllable thumb action
• Precise and accurate pipetting
• Compatible with blow-out, TD (to deliver) or gravity dispense pipettes
• Fits pipettes from 1–25ml
• Removable and autoclavable silicone pipette holder
• Acrylic stand available accommodating up to five Smoothies

The Smoothie’s unique range selector allows you to select from two dispense resolutions for maximum accuracy. One range setting delivers fast filling with optimal accuracy when used with 10ml to 25ml pipettes, the other setting is for use with pipettes from 1ml to 10ml where accuracy of fill can sometimes be difficult to control.



Cat. No. Description Colour
475-360 Vanilla Smoothie™ pipette filler White and blue
475-361 Strawberry Smoothie™ pipette filler Red and green
475-362 Banana Smoothie™ pipette filler Yellow and grey
475-363 Lemon & Lime Smoothie™ pipette filler Green and yellow
475-364 Blueberry Smoothie™ pipette filler Blue and purple
475-002 Stand for five Smoothie™ pipette fillers Clear acrylic
266-004 Replacement silicone pipette holder  
* Over a period of time the fragrance will gradually dissipate.



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