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In-line Refractometers  PRM-100a Biotechnology

In-line Refractometers

Product Code:PRM-100a

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PRM-100α measure the refraction of the light produced between the prism surface and a liquid sample. It is enhanced with the PRM-85 in the following respects:
  • Wider range than ever 0.0 to 100.00% Brix
  • Improved Accuracy: ± 0.05% Brix ± 0.00010 nD
  • Two options to change the decimal point display
  • Simple construction of two parts: the detection part and the operation display section
  • Easy to read - new color Desktop

Simply attach the duct system to monitor the production of food or drink, pharmaceutical production, industrial fluids, washing devices, mixing or dilution, etc. Measure an ongoing basis the refractive index, Brix or concentration of the liquid flow through a pipe.
* The prism is specially designed to prevent adhesion of solid materials even after extended periods of use.


  • Food
    • Brix of soft drinks
    • Concentration of beverage blending in the course of syrup and water
    • Concentration of liquid coffee extracts
    • Concentration of liquid condiments in the dilution blending & Internship
    • Fermentation level of alcohol
    • Concentration of sugar wastewater
  • Industry
    • Washing liquids - dilution coefficients, the water content, the concentration of contaminant liquids, and the concentration in the rinsing process
    • Concentration of cutting oil, lubricants, release agents or in process
    • Concentrations of IPA, DMF, and hydrogen peroxide solutions
    • Concentrations of coolants and brine
    • Polymer concentration Pendant polymerization






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