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Refractometer RX-007a (Alpha) Biotechnology


Product Code:RX-007a (Alpha)

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The RX-007a (alpha) replaces the conventional Atago's DD-7. Unlike the DD-7 which was a differential refractometer, the RX-700a is equipped with the same type of sample stage as our conventional RX- models. This sample stage allows easy measurements by placing the sample on the stage and pressing the START key.

The RX-007 is suitable for measuring water solutions of very low concentrations (5.000% or less) at a very high accuracy (±0.005%). Samples ideal for measuring will include teas (green tea, black tea, oolong tea) as well as other low concentration sugar beverages.

Other features of the RX-007a include The RX-007a is recommended for the following applications
  • A built-in Peltier thermo-module maintains a constant measuring temperature, which eliminates the need for an external water-bath
  • Measurement starts automatically after the sample reaches the targeted temperature
  • 30 user programmable scales are available
  • The built-in Flash memory stores the last 30 measurement values which can be viewed, printed or exported to a computer.
  • A graphic limit bas is displayed when upper and lower values are set.
  • Wide variety of teas and coffees
  • Sugar-free and low sugar beverges (Diet becerages)
  • Extracts of Chinese herbal medicines
  • Non-alcoholic beer and cocktails
  • Low concentration water solutions


Measurement Range Brix 0.000 to 5.000%
Minimum Indication  Brix: 0.001% Temperature: 0.01_
Measurement Accuracy Brix ±0.005% (under specific ambient and sample temperatures)
Ambient temperature 15.00 to 30.00_
Temperature Compensation range 15.00 to 30.00_ (Brix)
Light Source LED (approx. to D line)
Power Supply  AC100V to 240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 480VA
Necessary sampe volume 0.1ml (minimum)
Weight and Dimentions 6.9 kg, 37 x 26 x 14 cm (body)
Conditions for Temperature control (temperature range) Ambient Temperature 15_ (Temperature control can be set at 15 to 20_)
Ambient Temperature 20_ (Temperature control can be set at 15 to 25_)
Ambient Temperature 25_ (Temperature control can be set at 20 to 25_)
Ambient Temperature 30_ (Temperature control can be set at 25_)
Output terminals
  • Printer interface: Centronics exclusively for Digital PrinterDP-RX
    and DP-RD (optional)
  • PC interface: RS-232-C - D-sub 9 connector
  • Digital printer DP-RX (thermal dot matrix ) cat no 3121
  • Digiral printer DP-RD (impact dot matrix) cat no 3122
Measurement Modes

[MODE 1] This is the standard and most accurate mode of measurement. The sample's temperature is adjusted to a set target temperature before measrument is taken.

[MODE 2] In this mode, the unit starts measuring immediately after the START key is pressed. The measurement value will be displayed after 20 seconds. This time delay can be manually adjusted. In this mode, the thermo-module can be switched on or off freely.

Parts & concumables
  • Printer paper for DP-RX: RE-8412
  • Printer paper for long-term storage for DP-RX: RE-8414





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