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Sterile sampling bag Biotechnology

Sterile sampling bag

Product Code:TWIRL'EM

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Best sterile sampling bag ever!
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The sterile sampling bags Labplas TWIRL'EM® flexible containers, secure, free of contaminants to ensure reliable analytical results. You can trust the bags TWIRL'EM®, proven, economical and effective method to collect, store and transport the samples. Our sterile bags are used for environmental sampling (surface sampling), sampling frame, biomedical and pharmaceutical research, quality assurance procedures (QA / QC) in the food industry and that in clinical and veterinary medicine.

The sterile sampling bags Labplas TWIRL'EM® comply with regulatory and industry requirements:
  • EPA (Environmental Protection Agency of the United States)
  • FDA (Food and Drug Administration in the United States)
  • USDA (Department of Agriculture, United States)
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)


The TWIRL'EM® sampling Labplas bags are made from virgin polyethylene tubes extremely durable FDA approved, which eliminates side seals and ensures maximum bag opening to facilitate insertion of the samples. The polyethylene tube is extruded at 240 ° C, which ensures sterility of the interior. Moreover, during the manufacturing process, the bag is never exposed to the external environment.

The sterile sampling bags TWIRL'EM® are available in several sizes and thicknesses. We also make clear bags and bags with a markable tape.


  1. Detaching the upper part of the bag along the perforation;
  2. Move tabs to open the bag without contaminating the inside;
  3. Insert your sample in the bag
  4. Pull the plastic strip at both ends so as to bring the walls of the bag and close the bag;
  5. Rotating the rotating bag around the strip 3 to 4 times;
  6. Fold the strip ends toward each other to seal the closure;



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