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Baby (doll) Interactive Ready-or-Not-Tot Biotechnology

Baby (doll) Interactive Ready-or-Not-Tot

Product Code:W44214 / W44215

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The original doll that simulates the different needs of the baby! Reduce the attractiveness of pregnancy during adolescence and pass the realities of life to your élèves.Voici the main features of the baby Reeady-Or-Not-Tot ®
• Three different treatment programs can be selected, typical of most babies, which in addition to the normal requirements of caring for children also simulate difficult phases.
• The programs contain unpredictable care situations for students, but easy to control for the teacher.
• cries, coos, and burps as a reaction to the correct support measures.
• programs have a duration of 48 hours and takes place continuously.
• includes the "Demo"
• students' attention is required for 5 to 30 minutes per care event
• within each 48-hour program, 25 A27 support events occur (which correspnd total to 7 hours of care)
• allows the teacher full control of the experience of caring for a child
• contains a key "panic" in case a problèeme occurs during the healing without the total simulation is interrupted
• the teacher's attention is drawn to the abuse, panic or the controller handling tests
• the size of the newborn doll is the size of a baby of a teenage mother-2.7 kg; 52 cm
• anatomically correct
• Delivery, including one accompanying material set for pupils, 1 accompanying material set for the teacher, parent consent form / certificate of authorization (can be copied), response form for students ( can be copied) answer book for the teacher, 9V battery and instructions
• 52 cm; 2.7 kg.

Ready-or-Not-Tot® baby (doll) Interactive


Male Model W44214
Female Model W44215


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