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LED light source Biotechnology

LED light source

Product Code:IntraLED 2020

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IntraLED 2020
This high power LED light source represents a viable alternative to halogen light sources. It achieves its high light yield of more than 5.6MLux at a total power consumption of just 15W. With a color temperature of 6500K, the IntraLED 2020 emits a very white light that is far superior to halogen lamps. The illumination intensity is controlled manually using keys on the front panel or digitally via an RS 232 interface.

The IntraLED 2020 is suitable for clean room applications and outperforms halogen light sources with respect to bulb life and efficiency.


Optical Characteristics
Light Source High Power LED White CIE 1931
Illumination Intensity 5.6MLux @ Exit ∅ = 10mm
Efficiency >440,000 Lux/W
Max. Optical Efficiency 60lm/W
Aperture (Viewing Angle α/2) 10°
Color Temperature Typical 6500K
Color Reproduction Index 80
Degradation Period of LEDs >50,000h1)
Optical Output <10mm (2/5 inch)
Regulation of emittance on Vs area illuminated1) Constant @ Vs =12V ±10% and T = 10°C … 40°C
LED Radiation Class 1M LED Product


Electrical Characteristics
Supply Voltage Vs 12V DC
Current Consumption Approximately 1.250mA
Communication RS 232
Connector M8 Male; 4 Poles2)


Mechanical Characteristics
Dimension 89mm x 84mm x 159mm (incl. connectors)
Enclosure Aluminum body, anodized
Forced Cooling, Fan Noise 39dB(A)
Enclosure Rating IP 20
Adapter 15mm standard Volpi ferrule
Weight Approximately 1.1kg


Ambient Conditions
Ambient Temperature Operation: 0°C …40°C
Storage: 0°C…50°C
Humidity Maximum 95%, relative not condensing


Power Supply SNG 12-24W 100V-240V 50/60Hz included
RS 232 Connecting Cable, 2M P/N 90040.185 included



IntraLED 2020 Dimensions





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