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Neurofeedback system EEG electroencephalogram Biotechnology

Neurofeedback system EEG electroencephalogram

Product Code:78140

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No other Neurofeedback instrument has the reputation of the A620 EEG and the new version, the A620-3 EEG, continues the precedent-setting performance with new software and state-of-the-art hardware for today's computer marketplace. The A620-3 EEG incorporates the same operating characteristics of its predecessor with new Windows-type screens and easier to use mouse and keyboard commands. 

New computer interface
The A620-3 EEG is now fully Windows platform-compatible from Windows 95 through XP and connecting your notebook or desktop computer is a cinch. The instrument can be connected directly to the computer Serial or USB Port. There’s no need to open your computer to add a PCI card.


New technology
The A620-3 EEG now uses a new Signal Processing chip that provides crisp, clear EEG signals for easier interpretation. A new external power supply eliminates the need to open your computer to connect the A620-3.


  • Windows 95 to XP compatibility
  • Use with notebook or PC computers
  • New windows-type displays
  • Easy to use mouse & keyboard functions
  • Selectable EEG frequencies 1 to 32 HZ
  • Over 500 biofeedback displays
  • Real-time feedback information
  • Full data entry per patient
  • USB serial port connection
  • New Technology


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LA78140 EEG Neurofeedback system



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