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Low-profile anti-vibration table Biotechnology

Low-profile anti-vibration table

Product Code:Serie ELpF

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This Lightweight Low-Profile Pneumatic Vibration-Free Platform is designed to meet the exacting vibration-control requirements of sensitive equipment weighing in the 150-pound range (300 lbs max.). A very low profile (only 3in nom.) and light weight (only 40lbs) makes this an excellent choice for benchtop vibration isolation applications. The clean ergonomic design makes this system ideal for use in cleanroom and laboratory environment.

  • For Lighter Loads– max. 300 lbs
  • Low natural frequencies
  • Automatic self-leveling and active-air isolation
  • Ultra lightweight unit
  • Compact Low profile
  • Class 100 Cleanroom Compatible
  • Ergonomic Styling
  • Available in 100 lbs & 300 lbs capacities


Atomic Force Microscopes, Microhardness Testers, Analytical Balances, Profilometers, Audio Equipment and other light weight vibration sensitive equipment


Max. Load Capacity 300 lbs
Standard Width of Tabletop* 19”
Standard Depth of Tabletop* 16”
Vertical Natural Frequency 1.75 Hz
Horizontal Natural Frequency 2.0 Hz
Vertical Isolation @ 10 Hz 95%
Horizontal Isolation @ 10 Hz 92%
* Custom Tabletop sizes available






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