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centrifugal pump Biotechnology

centrifugal pump

Product Code:TMT 704

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  • Operation of a centrifugal pump with open impeller.
  • Establishes the characteristic curves with respect to engine speeds
    - Pressure - flow pump
    - Pressure - network throughput
    - Power - Speed
    - Performance - Flow
  • Determination of the operating point
  • Study of the influence of the speed of rotation
  • Determination of NPSH


  • Centrifugal pump
    Open cast iron wheel Ø 160
    The cast gray iron
    Nanometer Maximum height: 36 m
    Delivery up to 30 m3 / h
  • Equipment
    Supply tank for closed circuit operation
    Measurement of inlet pressures - Output pump tube Bourdon
    Flow measurement with variable section
    Input control valve and pump outlet


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