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Thermal conduction study Biotechnology

Thermal conduction study

Product Code:PCT 010

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UTILITIES Electricity: 230 V single phase - 50/60 Hz
Water Mains: 3 l / min PC not included
DIMENSIONS Length: 700 mm
Width: 700 mm
Height: 600 mm


  • Study of heat transfer by conduction.
  • Study of the laws of linear and radial conduction.
  • Determining the thermal conductivity of different materials.
  • Study of the resistance of a contact surface and the variation.
  • List of temperature gradients at different transfer levels.
  • Study of the influence of the addition of a conductive paste between the samples and the heat source


The unit of the thermal conduction study is composed of:
  • An aluminum frame profile with a linear conduction study module and a study of the radial conduction module; all equipped with an attachable cooling circuit.
  • An electric console comprising: power control / temperature of the heating elements, interface analog / digital all modules temperature sensors. RS 232 output for viewing in real time the heat transfer and temperature measurements.
  • The unit of study linear conduction
    - Metallic cylinder Ø 25 mm heat emitter, isolated from the outside, with three temperature probes distributed linearly.
    - Metallic cylinder heat receiver, isolated from the outside, with three temperature probes. This element is cooled by circulating cold water
    - Demonstration cylinders Ø25 brass, stainless Ø25, Ø15 brass, of different metals are isolated from the outside, and are equipped with three temperature sensors spaced apart linearly. The sample is rapid change at the press of a spring clamping lever. This module allows to study the influence of the nature of the materials and the contact surface between the elements on the transmission of heat energy.
  • Study of radial conduction module
    A metal disk, isolated from the outside, is heated in the center. Six sensors spread evenly between the center and the periphery (cooled by circulating water) to track the propagation of heat


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