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Test bench combustion engines Biotechnology

Test bench combustion engines

Product Code:TMT 500

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UTILITIES Electricity: 380V TRI
Other voltages can be supplied to the application
DIMENSIONS Length: 1200 mm
Width: 700 mm
Height: 2000 mm
Weight: 250 kg


  • Mechanical databases: concepts of work, energy and power
  • Ordered and diesel ignition engine
  • Procedure for the initiation of an internal combustion engine and safety standards
  • Two-stroke / four-stroke
  • Determination of torque and maximum power admissible in relation to the engine speed
  • The flow measurement of a fluid (liquid or gas).
  • Determination of torque and power at constant speed, with load change.
  • Measuring the volume and total efficiency motor
  • Determining the amount of heat dissipated by the exhaust gases (optional)
  • Kinematic and dynamic aspects of engine
  • Determining the characteristics of the cooling system of an internal combustion engine


  • Instrumentation
    Fuel and air feeds the test engine and flexible hose with quick connections fitted with keyed
    Digital exhaust temperature indicators, torque and angular velocity
    Fuel volume measuring consumed
    An air flow meter
    A stopwatch in front.
  • Chassis
    Aluminum profile
    On wheels
    Engine and brake mounted on silent blocks
    Storage Engines
  • Engines
    Two stroke gasoline 8.8 hp to the rotational speed of 4000 rev / min
    Four-stroke gasoline:
    9 hp at the speed of 3600 rev / min
    Four stroke diesel compression ignition
    6.8 hp to the rotation speed of 3600 rev / min
    Mounted on the centering plate
    Fixation, quick coupling
    Equipped with carrying handles
    Exhaust temperature sensor.
  • Brake
    Type DC motor 7.2 kilowatts
    Drive four quadrants
    Start of heat engines push
    Torque control or speed
    Load adjustment with multi potentiometer
    Electrical Safety and Security


  • The Engine test stand is autonomous and does not require a power supply, and an outlet of the exhaust gas.
  • The motors are easily installed on the centering slides and come to mate to the DC motor by means of a rapid system. For each motor can be read directly the values ​​of torque, speed rotation, the exhaust temperature.
  • The speed or torque can be controlled and adjusted by action on the 10-turn potentiometer.
  • The engines can be started with launcher, but also by the DC generator.
  • All connections are fast: the intake air, exhaust gas, fuel, exhaust temperature sensor, motor stop on device and mechanical coupling brake.

This equipment can be computerized
It can be equipped with only one or two motors to the choice


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