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Rotating bending fatigue bench Biotechnology

Rotating bending fatigue bench

Product Code:SFT 400

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  • Highlighting parameters inducing fatigue failure
  • SN curve plot Wöhler
  • Statistical approach to fatigue


  • Structure:
    - In profile anodized aluminum 45mm * 45mm section
    - 4 feet adjustable dampers
    - Transparent cover held closed by two knurled nuts
  • Electrical box:
    - Metal Electrical Box
    - Control panel facade integrating: Isolator, main circuit breaker, differential, emergency stop, start-stop with indicator, on / off motor, light engine condition and general electrical supply
    - LCD display of the number of cycles before failure / reset button with frontage
  • Rotating part:
    - Phase asynchronous motor 2850tr / min - 230 / 400V - 50 / 60Hz
    - Tree guided by ball bearings
    - A conical clamping chuck for immobilization test (specific key provided)
    - 1 inductive sensor for counting the number of test cycles.
  • An application of the force:
    - A dial controls the force exerted on the end of the test up to 30kg
    - A dynamometer to measure the effort
    - The force is applied to the end of the test piece by a bearing related to the application of load bearing
    - 1 mechanical sensor rupture specimen / triggers the automatic stopping of counting the number of cycles
  • Utilities dimensions and weight (in kg):
    - Power supply: 400V three-phase + neutral 50 / 60Hz (other specific request)
    - Dimensions (L * W * H in mm): 750 x 300 x 600
    - Weight: 40kg approx


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