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Interactive whiteboards Biotechnology

Interactive whiteboards

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Our array infrared is touch and durable.

You and your students can write and draw with a finger or any non-transparent object.

You do not have to worry about scratches! In addition, the interactive whiteboard GENEQ well interpret hand gestures and supports various multi-touch functions. The new Windows 7 version offers you even more exciting experiences ...

Interactive tables GENEQ are all delivered with our software. This software allows you to combine multimedia contents and various files to your class!

Classify your videos, images or any other MS Office and PDF file with your finger or a pen. Save or export your notes and inscriptions of the table in various files by simply touching the icon on the toolbar.


Touch screen The infrared sensor responds very quickly and accurately to the touch of the hand, pen or other non-transparent object.
Multi-touch Many multi-touch; zoom and rear images; image rotation; image rotation; Touch startup software
Digital Ink Use a pen or your finger to write in digital ink. Choice with any color and type lines.
Hard drive not need With HID technology, our interactive whiteboard requires no hard drive on the computer.
No external power required The computer feeds the interactive whiteboard through a USB cable or wireless module.
Durable surface resists scratches and distortions Even if it is scratched and distortions, the interactive whiteboard function properly without failure.
Resistance keystone distortion Our interactive whiteboard continue to perform precise positioning even when the projector display has keystone distortion.
Self-inspection function The interactive whiteboard can be connected wirelessly to a computer.
Wireless connection
The interactive whiteboard can be connected wirelessly to a computer.
Integrated Amplifier
Amplifier specifically designed for the interactive whiteboard.
Rallong USB (optional) Allows connection up to 30 meters.
Mobile support (optional) The installation of the interactive whiteboard on a rolling support facilitates travel, unlike a wall.


Technology Specifications
Supply DC 5V USB PC
Power Consumption <= 70mA (USB powered)
Interface signal USB 2.0; 2.4G RF (Wireless optional)
Maximum length of USB cable 30m
Resistance to the light intensity Works directly under the sunlight.
Positioning accuracy 4096x4096
Projector resolution 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1280x800, etc.
Display speed 4: 3, 16: 9, etc.
Dimension of the projection 60; 72; 82; 88; 100; 110pouces and possibility of personalization (see the list of products for details)
Cleaning Wash with a damp cloth


Optional accessories
Mobile support Adjustable height
Wireless Module 2.4G RF
Amplifier and microphone Specially designed for the interactive whiteboard



Order Information
Cat. No. Description
XIRE80-000 Interactive whiteboards with dimension of 80 "
XIRE88-000 Interactive whiteboards with dimension of 88 "
XIRE100-00 Interactive whiteboards with size 100 "


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