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Waterproof Temperature Data Logger Environment

Waterproof Temperature Data Logger

Product Code:TR-51S and TR-52S

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Excellent water resistance coupled with the capability to measure and record temperature in normal outdoor conditions as well as harsher frozen environments and high humidity situations is sure to make our compact data logger a favorite the world over. In response to our users’ voices, a new Thermo-Recorder Series “TR-5S” has been born.


Our new TR-5S is based on our popular user-friendly Thermo Recorder series but now when used in conjunction with our new Communication Port TR-50U it is possible to take full advantage of a host of new functions.
  • Wide Temperature Measuring Range: -60°C to 155°C
    The TR-51S with its internal sensor can measure and record from -40°C to 80°C and the TR-52S model with its standard external sensor can measure and record from -60°C to 155°C.
  • 15 Recording Intervals and High Recording Capacity
    With one unit you can measure and record up to 16,000 readings. Select from 15 recording intervals (from 1 second to 1 hour) to meet your needs. If set at a one hour recording interval that gives you 666 days or almost two years of readings.
  • Impressive Four-year Battery Life
    When set with a recording interval of more than one minute and communication occurring four times a month the battery life will last for about four years. The unit comes with a useful battery change icon which appears when the battery life is calculated to be just about completed.
  • Waterproof / Compact / Durable
    Ideal for measuring and recording temperature in normal outdoor conditions as well as harsher frozen environments, frozen storage and high humidity situations. The compact design makes it no problem to place almost anywhere.
  • Warning Monitoring Function
    Warnings can be received whenever a set Upper or Lower Limit has been exceeded. The warning LED on the Logger face will flash on and an error icon will appear in the display. Because the warning LED and icon will remain ON until the data is downloaded, there is no way to miss any important warnings.


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