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Inline Disposable 0.45 Micron Filter Environment

Inline Disposable 0.45 Micron Filter FHT-45

Product Code:WAFHT45-00

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The Waterra FHT-45 Inline Disposable 0.45 Micron Filter offers the user the most surface area available in capsule type filters today.

The unique open pleat geometry and 700 square cm surface area provide the maximum media exposure while ensuring that even with the most turbid samples, you will not lose filtration media to blinding. The Waterra FHT-45 uses high quality polyethersulphone 0.45 micron filter media which offers excellent particle retention above the target micron size range. The high void volume of this media also helps prolong media life.

The Waterra FHT-45 also offers the user greater flexibilty over other products by providing a compound inlet. It has both a 3/8" threaded nipple and a 1/2" hose barb allowing the filter to be attached easily to a variety of pumps and tubing sizes.

Rinses Clean

The Waterra FHT-45 Inline Disposable 0.45 Micron Filter is now certified to rinse clean. Independent ICP/MS analysis proves it.

Cat. No. Description
WAFHT45-00 Inline disposable 0.45 micron filter

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